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Holistic Medicine Series

    At Harmony Learning Centerofc

Every other Thursday night, 8-10pm, starting 2/19/09.

Holistic Medicine can be defined as integrating conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.  The American Holistic Medical Association defines this condition of holistic health as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of Life Force Energy through body, mind and spirit.  They also consider Unconditional Love as life’s most powerful medicine.

Aumdoc’s Holistic Medicine Series provides you the information and tools to create health in your life.  These introductory sessions will be focused on topics that help build a firm foundation for healing work and for promoting vitality.   The seven session series is best taken as a whole, yet each session can be taken independently.  Each session includes both teaching and experiential training, be prepared to participate.

Aumdoc (Rick Clofine, D.O.) creates this course from his twenty years of experience practicing Holistic Medicine in Atlanta (  Chosen for review are the most common areas of interest to his patients.  Aumdoc is an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon who is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology (A.C.O.O.G.) and Holistic Medicine (A.B.H.M.).  Spending five years as an organic farmer, his interest in Natural Healing predates his entry into medicine.  Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing is his new bodywork, teaching and healing practice at Harmony Learning Center; contact him for an appointment ( or 770-633-4257).  Aumdoc sees Holistic Gynecology medical patients every Wednesday at Millennium Healthcare in Dunwoody (770-390-0012).



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Every other Thursday night, 8-10pm, starting 2/19/09.


#1 Holistic Medicine Intro: Healing Tools & Healing Partnerships

        2/19/09 (FOR HANDOUT CLICK HERE)

Overview of Holistic Medicine;

Safe Use of Healing Tools;

Developing Healing Partnerships;

String of Pearls (healing gems from 20 years of practice).

#2 Introduction to Energy Medicine & Vibrational Healing

       3/5/09 (FOR HANDOUT CLICK HERE)

    Energy Medicine Overview;

    Flow and movement;

    Breath & Vitality;

    External and Internal Rhythms;

    The Influence of Lifestyle and Environment.

#3 Giving and Receiving: The Art of Sacred Touch

Interested in learning how to better give, (and receive) a neck or back massage. Many practical pointers as well as exploring the deeper implications of healing touch.

       3/19/09 (FOR HANDOUT CLICK HERE)

Body Work Overview;

Using Your Skin (the body’s largest organ);

Touch is always both giving and receiving;

Palpation (clarifying what is received);

Nurturing Touch (clarifying what is given);

Permission and Respect.

#4 The Stress Response in Modern Life


    Stress Response Overview;

    External and Internal Stress;

    Altering Our Stress Response;

    Herbal and Prescription Allies;

    Mind-Body Medicine Tools.

#5 Thyroid Gland: Grounded Foundation Energy


    Thyroid and Endocrine Overview;

    Evaluating Your Thyroid Gland;

    Creating Thyroid Health;

    Clinical (medical) and Sub-Clinical (subtle) Thyroid Problems

    and their Holistic Medical Treatment.

#6 Adrenal Gland: Immediately Responding to YOUR Needs


    Adrenal Gland Overview; 

    Evaluating Your Adrenal Gland;

    Creating Adrenal Health;

    Clinical (medical) and Sub-Clinical (subtle) Adrenal Problems

    and their Holistic Medical Treatment.

#7 Women’s Hormonal Wisdom


    Women’s Hormone Overview;

    Brief Anatomy of the Goddess;

    Hormonal Rhythms throughout a Lifetime;

    Supporting Women with Holistic Tools.



Om Lotus



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