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portrait of RickAumdoc is Richard J. Clofine, DO, FACOOG, ABHM.

These pages discuss the various ways I "practice medicine".

Aumdoc's Article "(Your) Two Medicine's Are Better Than One"

Other Articles by Aumdoc

I am a Medicine Man. These pages are about my "Medicine". I am using the term here in a broader sense then referring only to what I learned in medical school (i.e. my "'Physician Medicine", my training as a physician and surgeon). I am also referring to medicine in the context of how Native Americans might use it (with all due respects). "Spirit Medicine" is about our individual personal power and talents and how clearly we manifest them. One use of the term refers to ritual used with the intent of promoting a desired outcome, such as a healing ceremony.

Spirit medicine is also a quality we are born with and that is developed through our life's learning process. Every one is born with their own unique talents, abilities and attitudes that they use every day to promote desired outcomes in their lives. These qualities are part of their own personal medicine, the personal power that is unique to them, their personal gift to the world. 

I have been working hard to infuse my medicine with wisdom, compassion and power. My training and subsequent practice as physician, healer and teacher are not 3 separate paths, they are one in the same. It helps to use this triad metaphor of physician, healer and teacher. It makes complicated issues easier to discuss and communicate about. I think this metaphor is a good tool.

Here I will discuss my medicine as physician, healer and teacher as well as the personal guides that have impacted my practice.



          Don't pay attention to your body.

          Eat plenty of  junk food, drink too much, take drugs, have lots of

          unsafe sex with lots of different  partners – above all,

          FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!!! 

          If you are over-stressed and tired, ignore it and keep pushing yourself.

          Cultivate the experience of your life as meaningless and of little value.

          Do the things you don’t like and avoid doing what you really want.


          Follow everyone else’s opinion and advice, while seeing yourself

          as miserable and “stuck”.

          Be resentful and hypercritical, especially towards yourself.

          Fill your mind with dreadful pictures, and then obsess over them. 

          Worry most, if not all, the time.

          Avoid deep, lasting, intimate relationships.

          Blame other people for all your problems.

          Do not express your feelings and view openly and honestly, 

          Other people wouldn’t appreciate it. 

          If at all possible, do not even know what your feelings are. 

          Shun anything that resembles a sense of humor.  Life is no laughing matter!

          Avoid making changes which would bring you greater satisfaction and joy.


        (Source (?):  anonymous off the Internet)


Om Lotus



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