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Celebrating 20 years of practicing medicine in Atlanta, Aumdoc (Richard J. Clofine, D.O.) is pleased to announce the opening of his new bodywork, healing and teaching practice “Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing” at Harmony Learning Center in Decatur, Georgia.

Aumdoc explains “Through my years of caring for women I have found that some of the most powerful healing experiences we have shared with came through my bodywork and counseling.  I am creating my own healing space, separate from my medical practice, where I can more deeply engage these healing modalities with those I care for.”  

His medical practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Atlanta included 6 years with a small group followed by his solo practice, Lotus Ob-Gyn, in Lilburn.  Over this 13 year period he delivered babies and performed surgery out of 3 metro-Atlanta hospitals.  After closing Lotus Ob-Gyn in 2002 he stopped practicing hospital medicine and  joined Atlanta’s largest group holistic practice, Millennium Healthcare in Dunwoody, where he is pleased to continue seeing holistic gynecology medical patients.

Aumdoc’s lifelong interest in meditation and natural healing long preceded his entry into medicine.  He took his first yoga class at age 15 and has been chanting “Aum” ever since!  As a young man (1972) he created Divine Light Farms with his bother, Steven Clofine.  This 60 acre organic farm and yoga center, in beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country, is where his training in natural healing, meditation and earth-medicine began.  While no longer a physical location, Divine Light Farms is still the spirit ground held by the two brothers for the eclectic ritual work have they have done together for 35 years.

While all Osteopathic Physicians are all trained in hands on therapy few utilize that training.   Aumdoc elected to complete an additional one year fellowship specializing in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and has integrated bodywork into his medical care ever since.  Many widely known bodywork techniques come from Osteopathic Medicine  including craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.  While rooted in this traditional system, Aumdoc’s bodywork has grown over the years to incorporate many other aspects of practcice including energy medicine and shamanic healing.  Patients comment on the deep relaxation, unwinding of multiple tensions and grounding experienced during their sessions.  Always gentle and nurturing, Aumdoc’s bodywork sessions flow intuitively from his years of experience. 

Treating pregnant women with hands-on bodywork therapy has always been an important part of Aumdoc’s medical practice and spans 25 years of experience.  He explains “It is one of the most effective ways to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, and promote pregnancy wellness, that I know of.  I love treating pregnant women with bodywork because the impact is so dramatically positive.”  Aumdoc also explains that he also treated most of his surgery patients before and after the procedure and utilized bodywork to treat many gynecologic issues. At Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing, his bodywork is available to both men and women of all ages.

Aumdoc’s provides compassionate counseling for personal problems, life transitions and to facilitate spiritual growth.  He is available to individuals, or couples, and has twenty years experience helping patients through many difficult issues.

Aumdoc’s teaching work has been extended to both the medical profession and the lay public.  He has lectured to his physician colleagues at The Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association multiple times and has offered many weekend workshops on women’s issues.  For ten years he has co-hosted Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan Kolb.   He has interviewed some of the wisest and best selling authors in the fields of complementary medicine, new science, spirituality and shamanism. 

His teaching at Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing includes two new seven session series, offered to the general public. Aumdoc’s Holistic Medicine Series will explore foundations of holistic healing and delve deeper into topics requested most by his patients over the years.  His Urban Shaman Series provides an introduction to the basics of core cross-cultural shamanism.  These introductory sessions will be focused on topics that help build a firm foundation to more deeply explore these issues. Each seven session series is best taken as a whole, yet each session can be taken independently.  Expect both teaching and experiential training, be prepared to participate.

Aumdoc’s interest in natural healing, shamanism and earth medicine spans 35 years.  He  incorporates many aspects of core shamanic healing into his work.  Aumdoc has studied with several teachers including Alberto Villoldo, Oscar Miro Quesada and Santiago (James Williams, O.M.D.). In October 2007 was initiated by an elder shaman of the Qero Nation, in Peru.  He held a 5 year continuous series of Full Moon Fires at his former home in Lilburn, completed in 2000.  Currently Aumdoc is holding a series of 49 Circles of Healing in metro-Atlanta (and beyond).  His next circle, “THE SEVENTH CIRCLE” (Circle of Healing #21), will help be held at Harmony Learning Center on Saturday, January 10th at 8pm to celebrate the opening of Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing.

Information for Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing at Harmony Learning Center:


Appointments for Aumdoc’s Lotus Healing contact Aumdoc: or

                                                                                                    call him at 770-633-4257

Listen to Temple of Health Radio Show:     (see program archives)

Medical Appointments at Millennium Healthcare:                           770-390-0012

Aumdoc has been serving the community as an Osteopathic Physician dual board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology (A.C.O.O.G.), as well as Holistic Medicine (A.B.H.M.).  Aumdoc closed Lotus Ob-Gyn, P.C., his private solo practice of obstetrics & gynecology at 3 east metro-Atlanta hospitals in 2002 and discontinued delivering babies and practicing hospital based medicine and surgery.  Since that time Aumdoc has continued his office based holistic gynecology medical practice at Millennium Healthcare in Dunwoody, Atlanta’s largest holistic group practice.

About this practice change Aumdoc says “It felt like a very natural transition to me.  When I was having my own children I was assisting in the delivery of others.  I am now 55 and continue to take care of these women, my peers.   Now the focus of my practice is their continued care into new times of life.  I do a lot of wellness promotion and menopause care, though I continue to consult with women on all gynecologic issues, from a holistic perspective.”













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