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     Aumdoc (Richard J. Clofine, DO)   770-633-4257


Session 1: Overview and Setting Sacred Space      (2/10/09) canceled

Session 2: Mesa & Medicine Bag                       (2-24-09)


Read the article "URBAN SHAMAN?"




Topics of Interest

Shamanism viewed cross-culturally: Core Shamanism  

Urban shaman      OR      Urban shamanist

Why study it (why are YOU here)?

  •        Resonance  
  •        Helpful to self or others
  •        Interesting and/or fun
  •        Reconnection & Re-enchantment
  •        “The Mystery” – to answer questions OR to dance with it more gracefully (?)

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Connection      and          Re-enchantment

Pachamama        ---      Nature    ---    Plants    ---     Animals    ---    Stones

Initiation and The Wounded Healer Archetype

Healing & Curing     ---     Hurting & Cursing




Setting Sacred Space


Preparation:    Aligning Diversity    and     Creating Flow

        Opening --- Invocation

Ritual – Infusing Intent Through Action

Clearing  --- Cleansing --- Infusing




Mesa and Medicine Bag

       A Personal Safe Space Infused with Your Medicine

       Personal Cauldron  for Your Alchemical Process of Transformation

       Developing Deeper Connections to Lineage & Non-ordinary Helpers (totems and spiritguides)

       Archetypal ground containing Tools of Transformation




Worth Exploring

 Visionary Art            

Medicine Bag

Non-ordinary states (start with your breath; get grounded first so you have a good baseline to journey from)

The Natural World          

Your Personal Medicine (Stone Medicine    &       Plant Medicine)

Animal Totems 









When we met I promised to supply you with a reorganization of the resources, with personal comments including local training opportunities.  

The focus is on things I have personal experience with and additions will be made with each new session handout.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? - Nearby Training


Lisa Michaels

Natural Rhythms Institute

      In Atlanta.

Lisa is an amazing Priestess and Medicine Woman.  Her work is exquisite and surrounded by a great community!  Any training you take from Natural Rhythms Institute will be an asset to your life. Join her mailing list if you want to be connected to the Rhythms of the Natural World (moon passages, solstices, and equinoxes). 

Oscar Miro Quesada’s

The Heart Of The Healer Foundation

      Community and training in Atlanta.

Oscar has an active world wide shamanic community and the weekend trainings are very enjoyable.  An eclectic approach with strong traditional lineage to North Coastal Peruvian   Shamanism. The Qollasuyu is their Southeastern US community which is active in the Atlanta area, contacts on their website

Michael Harner’s

Foundation For Shamanic Studies

      Classes occasionally held in Atlanta.

Their introductory course to Shamanic Journeying is very helpful and I see Dana Robinson is teaching it in Atlanta THIS COMING WEEKEND (2/28/09).

Charla and Tarwater’s


      In nearby Alabama.

These are major Medicine Keepers in the Native American Tradition, carried in an eclectic way as evidenced by the totally   amazing Sun Bear Medicine Wheel built on their land.  This is the place for training, community, pipe carriers, sweats and the   best vibes possible.  Any involvement you have here (nearby in Alabama) will come back to you many fold.

Alberto Villoldo’s

Four Winds Society

      Check out Alberto’s “Shamanic University”


Atlanta Unity Church, 3597 Parkway Lane, Norcross, 30092

Contact Sadie George ( or 435-647-5988)

The Shaman’s Way of Healing

Friday Evening, March 13th, 6:30 – 9:30, Cost $20

An Evening Lecture by Victoria Johnson

Senior Staff, Healing The Light Body School

Introduction to Healing The Luminous Body

Saturday, March 14th, 10am – 6pm, Cost $100

A Full Day Workshop Taught by Victoria Johnson

Senior Staff, Healing The Light Body School

Alex Grey

The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors

Shamanic Visionary Art is a field that is expanding exponentially.  First I would read Alex’s books SACRED MIRRORS and TRANSFIGURATIONS.  I would also devour his website and contribute to the Chapel if your resources allow it.  Start with his site and then explore the many visionary artists on the web.

Shaman’s Drum Magazine    (My Favorite!)

Magic Hoop Magazine       (Britain’s Version)


SINGING TO THE PLANTS: Shamanism & the Medicine Path     

a blog by Steve Beyer


            My favorite blog about Shamanism... wise, fascinating and informative.





THE BEST!!! Go there, read everything and send in an donation!




     The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies


Scientific studies of plants and drugs with shamanic implications.


The Qero Nation (read anything you can about them).


Some Books that influenced me...


THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN by Michael Harner, HarperSanFrancisco, 1980

The first book to clearly define Cross-Cultural Shamanism, excellent. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies teaches a great introductory weekend course for anyone interested in learning the skills of Shamanic Journey.

SOUL RETRIEVAL,Mending the Fragmented Self by Sandra Ingerman, HarperSanFrancisco,


        Sandra was a student of Michael Harner and has many interesting books worth reading.


THE ANDEAN CODEX by James Williams, O.M.D.

I highly recommend James’s book as a great adventure tail that clearly defines the fundamentals of Andean Shamanism in the lineage of the Qero Nation in Peru.  Read anything you can about the Qero, online or in text.  James is a great ritualist and teacher I am slowly getting to know better.

Oscar Miro Quesada and The Heart of The Healer Foundation                                                       


Don Oscar is an amazing person worth getting to know.  He has written no books relying on the oral lineage of transmission.   He is an fantastic ceremonialist and is quite amusing.  His transmission of The Pachacuti Mesa  is one of the most accessible shamanic training styles available to the urban dweller.  Check out


PERUVIAN SHAMANISM The Pachacuti Mesa by Matthew Magee; Middlefield Publications, 2002


While Don Oscar is not writing about it, a very wise young man with powerful medicine describes the work here.  Highly Recommended if you are interested in the mesa.


DANCE OF THE FOUR WINDS by Alberto Villoldo, PhD.

ISLAND OF THE SUN                         

SHAMAN, HEALER, SAGE, 2000          .

Alberto is a Cuban born American anthropologist that is deeply connected to South American    shamanism, including The Qero Nation.  He is a great writer and I have enjoyed all his books.  His shamanic training organization is The Four Winds Instituted an is organized as a 'university'.   I worked with Alberto over a two year period in the 1990’s.


MAPS TO ECSTASY, Teachings of an Urban Shaman by Gabrielle Roth with John Loudon                                                                                                 

Gabriel Roth teaches shamanism with dance and movement.  This book had a huge influence on my        understanding of bringing shamanic teachings practically into an urban life.  Other books and music are great.  If you ever get a chance to dance with her, get off your ass and go!


URBAN SHAMAN by Serge Kahili King, PhD. Simon & Schuster,

        Interesting perspective from a Hawaiian Medicine Person (Kahuna).


SHAMANIC VOICES; A Survey of Visionary Narrative by Joan Halifax,1969

SHAMAN; The Wounded Healer by Joan Halifax; Thames and Hudson, 1982

Joan Halifax, who is now a Buddhist Roshi (teacher), wrote these two excellent books

The first is a collection of translated narratives by indigenous shaman’s, drawn from world literature;

in their own words, so to speak. The second is an oversized illustrated book about ‘the wounded healer’ archetype.

POWER ANIMAL MEDITATIONS Shamanic Journeys with Your Spirit Allies by Nicki Scully 1991

Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small by Ted Andrews           

I like both these books on Power Animals and use them frequently.


GLOBAL RITUALISM Myth and Magic Around the World by Denny Sargent; Llewellyn Publications, 1994

SACRED CEREMONY,How to Create Ceremonies for Healing, Transitions and Celebrations

by Steven D. Farmer PhD; Hay House, 2002

THE CEREMONIAL CIRCLE, Practice, Ritual, and Renewal for Personal and Community Healing

                                                           by Sedonia Cahill & Joshua Halpern, HarperSanFrancisco, 1992   

            Interested in eclectic ritual and ceremony?  These 3 books all helped me a lot.

SHAMANISM, An Expanded View of Reality   compiled by Shirley Nicholson, A Quest Book, 1987

TRAVELING BETWEEN WORLDS;  Conversations with Contemporary Shamans by Hillary S. Webb,

                                                                                     Hampton Roads, 2004

            These two books are conversations with Contemporary Shamans’s, indigenous and eclectic. 

            Only fair.






Om Lotus



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