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Urban Shaman Series HANDOUT #4           March 24, 2009

*** Ritual & Ceremony ***

     Aumdoc (Richard J. Clofine, DO)  770-633-4257



Review & Introduction                

Ritual & Ceremony

The Purpose of Ceremony

“Ceremony, whether or not it’s shamanic, is typically magical, creative, and healing, and provides a bridge between the material and spirit worlds.  It’s a felt demonstration of how the power of the universe works, and it provides an excellent way to honor all those events in our lives that we want to sanctify.  Participating in sacred ceremony helps us bring our being into alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of life.”

Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.


The Sacred Circle   Circle of One         Small Group Circles         Community Circles

Types of Ceremony 

          Healing                  All Ceremonies are Healing!             Personal, Small Group, Community                 Pachamama (Mother Earth)

          Transition              Passages, Milestones & The Life Cycle  (Births & Babies; Childhood &  Adolescent Transitions; Male Initiations; Female                                             Initiations; Adult transitions; Business/Home; Croning/Saging;Marriage & Divorce; Farewells; Passing Through The Veil;                                                   Funerals & Memorials)

          Celebration           Social & Religious Celebrations

                                      Celestial Cycles (Stellar, Solar, Lunar, Solstice, Equinox)

                                      Earth Seasons (Wheel of the Year) -

                                      All Season (lodges, quests, give aways, ayni offerings)


Ceremonial Flow & Resonance        Purpose          Timing         Location     


Ceremonial Intent

          Speaking to Spirit            Sacrifice              Worship          Exorcising        Purification        Symbolic Death      Rebirth         Community   

          Calling the Light              Communing          Clearing      Release/Renewal             

Ceremonial Tools & Actions

          Invocations         Offerings          Prayers             Altars                Elements              Directions              Sound Makers        Power Objects

          Incense & Smoke              Song & Sound         Storytelling          Power Plants       Fasting & Feasting       Talking Stick     Drums &   Rattles        

          Dance & Movement Immersions            Tying/Untying       Burying


Ceremonial Progression






                                                         Transformation & Communion

                                                                             Incorporation & Integration


(AYNI OFFERING CEREMONY) Inspired by the Despacho Ceremony of the Qero Nation. 


     From THE ANDEAN CODEX by James Williams:


                    "Harmony and peace come when our feelings, thoughts, and actions are in balance."


                    “To the Andean, mystical inspiration comes from attunement with nature, the source of love, beauty and wisdom.”


          These five principles constitute the eco-spiritual template for our times.

          1- Munay the way of love and beauty – means feelings and emotions. Its most refined character is loving-kindness and its outer expression is the loveliness of nature.

          2- Yachay
the way of knowledge – represents thought and logic, and means to learn, know, and remember.

          3- Llanka’y the way of action – means to work at right livelihood that is ecologically sound, benefits the welfare of others, and encourages community service

       4- Kawsay
the way of life – includes the matrix of energy that makes up the web of life and that links all things on Earth.


          5- Ayni the way of reciprocity – means the interchange of love, knowledge, and work. It represents the law of universal responsibility.



Om Lotus



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