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Why 'Temple of Health'

Why have we named our radio show "TEMPLE OF HEALTH"?

These dictionary definitions are useful in understanding our reasons:

Temple: . Something regarded as having within it a divine presence.
  Health:   Soundness of body, mind and spirit; A condition of optimal well-being.
  Sacred:   Made or declared holy.

Our "Temple of Health" is an archetypal Temple that is dedicated to the optimal well being of all individuals, and of mother earth. This archetype manifests in many different ways.

The temple of all humanity is Mother Earth (Pachamama), who shelters all beings. She is full of divine presence. Her body is always under our feet, her blood quenches our thirst and her breath infuses us with life force energy (prana). Our entire life is lived in this temple. We are made holy and sound when we honor the Temple of Mother Earth.

We each have a personal temple, our physical bodies. This temple is the repository of our life force, and soul energy. We are blessed to have this Temple and are always within its hallowed space. Our personal temple is totally dependent on Mother Earth. These two temples (Mother Earth and our physical body) are ever present in our life. Thus we have the opportunity to live our lives immersed in divine presence every minute of every day. This becomes particularly meaningful when bring this into conscious awareness and make this awareness present on a day-to-day basis.  These temples are "sacred space".  We have the option of living our lives in sacred space, regardless of where we are and what we are doing. Yet to live our lives in sacred space we need to be aware of it, and present with it.

When we recognize these living temples we have the opportunity to create other temples in our lives. Any physical place where we place our intent to experience divine presence can be a sacred temple. For those of us at Millennium Healthcare and Plastikos, this intent makes our offices and operating rooms our temples. We experience the divine presence here and try to infuse our day-to-day work with that guidance. It is through our intent to hold it in this way that the physical structure becomes sacred.  Plastikos is our "Temple of the Body Beautiful" and is dedicated to comprehensive surgical healing. Millennium Healthcare is our "Temple of Sacred Medicine" where all healing tools (conventional and alternative medicine) are used to assist in creating health for our patients.

Creating Health is about individuals becoming empowered to live their lives in such a way as to optimize wellness of body, mind and spirit. This often involves the need to change deeply ingrained lifestyle patterns of diet, activity, emotions and thought. Our approach to Holistic Medicine seeks to be inclusive, non-dogmatic and service (not product) oriented. We honor the divine within all our patients and ourselves, and understand that the greatest healing power is unconditional love. 


Om Lotus


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