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Aumdoc's experience with Ritual & Ceremony

1972-1975: 4 years of bhakti yoga ritual

1990-1995: Every 3 months held personal mountaintop plant spirit ceremonies

1994-1999: Completed a series of 60 full moon fires

199-: Blessing Medicine Wheel Ceremony for Rukha in Philadelphia

199-: Francesca's 40th birthday Despacho Ceremony

1994-1995: One year Inca Medicine Wheel Training with Alberto Villloldo

1993-2003: Ten years training in Pachacuti Mesa Shamanism with Oscar Miro Quesada (eclectic approach to north coastal peruvian shamanism)

2001-present: Ongoing training with Peruvian Jungle Shaman

2000 - present: 6th annual Psy-Lin Pipe Ceremony will be in September 2006. This is the Psychedelic Lineage (i.e. Psy-Lin) whose pipes were gifted and passed to the Clofine Brothers by Paddy Long.

2000: Finn's Water Blessing Ceremony

2004: Holly and Jessie's Wedding

2005: Nate and Colleen's Wedding

2005: Talon's Water Blessing Ceremony

2005: Ray and Allison's Wedding





Om Lotus



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